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An eager and ever learning student, Pam Clark is constantly taking her design skills to new levels.  Her joy is doing original work, designed to display your message in the best possible form to represent you. Her photography can enhance your site with classy work, or she can take your pictures and structure them with style into your site. She wants you to be happy with your website. Using the tools learned from her graphic design classes, she can collage or enhance or even mend your photos to please your display needs.  She often does business card designs and other signage. Even if you have trouble with wording, her gifted language skills will help you come across with a pleasant and professional public presentation. She will be honest up front with you on what she can and cannot do.  If you have an idea in mind, she will work to make it come across if at all possible. Pam Clark loves seeing your business succeed.  She enjoys working for Christian ministries, which is how she got her start. You can contact her here to set up a phone appointment:  
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