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People often ask, "How much does it cost to have a website?" Well answering that is like asking, "How much does it cost to go out to eat?" It depends on where you go and what you order!  How much time do you have? How valuable is your time? If you have hours and hours of time to try and figure out quality web design for yourself, you maybe can find something "a little bit cheaper" as a way to go. In the long run though, the price difference saved is not usually that much, and you end up still looking for help or spend hours you did not plan on. Do you just want a boxy make shift web site? Then you can go cheap. You can try the "Do It Yourself" kind. But the truth is that someone else has something quite similar and your time to learn it (which will be hours, I promise) will take quite a bit of your valuable time. Plus you have to pay for it all over again if it does not work! We will custom design your site with YOU in mind - your pictures, your text, your theme and your style. If you don't know, we have lots of ideas! Our work with your input will reflect your individuality and works with you to promote your offerings! It's just a matter of how professional you want it to be. Our experience in this area shows.  Maybe you started with one of those programs and messed it up. We can fix it for you! We can enhance and place your text and pictures and design it for the best possible look to make it unique to just you! You aren't stuck in their limited boxes.  If you want it done right with the professional touch and want to have someone on your side with a knowledge base of how the web really works, we can do that and save you both time and money.  Our rates are reasonable; our work is good. We specialize in helping small businesses get started.  Many hours have gone into classes and study to learn these skills. Because we can do some of the hard code html, we know what is going on "behind the scenes" on the page.   And, we will handle your domain name with the care it will need. Our goal is to make you proud of your website. We want your guests to find your site an easy and enjoyable place to come visit and then desire to come back again.  People often worry about update costs. Simple text updates or simple picture swaps are cheap. Most spend much less than $30-40 a year on that. We do not try to make that difficult or expensive for you. We charge for the time and skill it takes to accomplish all your goals. 
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What can we build for you today? Just go to our Inquiry Form page here!   Web designs are constantly changing.  Perhaps you need something tweaked or just want to update your image.  Let us know!  We will be glad to work with you at reasonable pricing.
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It’s quick and easy with any major debit or credit card or e-check through your bank account via PayPal.  Just click the box below. We have used them successfully for many years and you don’t have to join them to use them or pay a fee to make a payment.  We just pay a small fee to receive it this way.  We can also help you with setting  them up for your business, if you should need that.  
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Here is what you need to know.  There are three parts to a website:  your domain name, the server that hosts your site, and the design work (code files). STEP 1:  You must choose and purchase a domain name.  YourOwnDomainName.com - $20 per year - assuming that it is available. This also includes all the management fees that go with that. (For names that end with .com, .net, .org, .us, .info, .name, .ws, .biz and more are coming in the internet future!)  STEP 2:  Once you have a domain name, you must rent space on the internet to host your website files under your registered domain name on a server.  We offer Reliable Web Hosting For One Year - $40.00 (That is less than $4.00 per month which is a great price, which can be set up to work on your computer), with up to 15 different email addresses @Your-Domain-Name.com).  Our large web host system has a 99%+ uptime with a back up system for your hosted work. We prefer to use our own hosting system for many reasons. We know it, we trust it, and we get good and fast support! If we must use another, we will have to assess its quality and the learning skill curve. We will try to work with you for your best cost to cover that.  NOTE: We must secure your web host server in advance to upload your pages and picture files to your site space there. This $40 fee will also be your renewal fee each year along with your domain name. If you just want a quick mini-site, a small site with mostly text pages only, that pricing can also be discussed. We do not put any known or unknown ads on your site (besides a very small link at the bottom saying we did the site), unless you are the one requesting them there.  If you want to manage some of your content for updates, we can link a blog to your main site so you can do that through the blog. This works well for many people.  STEP 3:  Then you must have your web page designed. A simple 1 page site professionally designed starts at $100. These are called a "business card" site that features your company name, product picture and generous description attractively styled, with your contact information and link to contact you.  People who want a personal intro page to a marketing site find these ideal. We can include a counter on that as well to help you determine the visitors you are getting. Larger sites can start at $200 and we work to make you happy with your site. You will get professional work and a web designer who wants to see you succeed at your business.  Ask our references, most are quite pleased with our services.  We are more than fair with our pricing for the time and skill involved.  Many small businesses love us because it is so reasonable to get your site up and out there. MANY other web design companies charge much more, often starting at $700. We save you time, frustration and research hassles and deliver you a professional website you can be proud of.  Included in this pricing we offer is your supplied keywords coded in for the search engines, and will include a Google & MSN & Yahoo Search Engine submission of your site. These have over 80% of the search engine traffic and your site will be ready for any other search engines where you would personally choose to submit it.  We will give you good suggestions on what key words to put in and will use your input on that as well. We have no control over how search engines list sites, but we do have experience enough to know what they look for! This can also save you a lot of money.  Additional later similar formatted pages designed (text and pictures only) will be in the range of $20-30, depending on the amount of detailed work involved. Remember, we have to charge for the time and skill it takes, which would include any research time you would want us to do for you on any special features.  Text is easy to change, graphics are obviously more involved, FYI. We will be upfront to tell you what skills we can and cannot do at the current time, and most of the time we will work to get it. You will find we are very reasonable. It's really great when you can give ideas on the style and features you want from other pages you've seen as examples.   We really want you to like your website! More pages or many details and graphics designs or other features desired will obviously cost more, but we are priced very reasonably. We can usually do something similar if you have a site you have admired online.  We can work with some Word.doc's and .pdf’s but website coding has a different code format, especially with the different page interlinkings and the graphics placement and we will work to make it as close as possible. So they surely can be helpful to understand your placements ideas  and .pdf files can be utilized.  Later site updates are also very reasonable. For example: Simple wording text changes for each one area of update will be $5.00 each per time, or a picture swap-out of a similar formatting will be $5-10.00 each. The update fees can be a little less if minor and grouped to be all done at one time.   We don’t try to take advantage of you, we just have to charge for the time and skill it takes. For those who want frequent updating, we also can set up one or more of your page links to link to a blog that you can keep personally updated. We will even help you set up your blog. This often helps many people who want basic content on their website and then one page for their own frequent updates.  Basically, when it comes to web design, you will be charged for the reasonable time and skill it takes to set it up. There is not an extra "set up fee." We will be fair to the current market value or often better, and we believe that you will be pleased with the clean, professional and trustworthy site we deliver. STEP 4: To get things going we will require upfront: $20.00 - (for 1 year) To register your web domain name (securing for multiple year discounts can be done) $40.00 - (for 1 year) For web hosting (on a server) where we upload your web files so they can be seen on the internet Most new sites cost around $200 - $300 and take about a week or so to complete, depending on our back log. You can pay with PayPal or with your credit card via PayPal.   Click on the Payment button below for an easy, encrypted and secure payment system.   Once we determine the approximate cost, it usually works out to half upfront and the balance due immediately upon completion. At this time, most websites can be completed in one week.  If you need something really fast, we will work with you on that.   We can work with your current site or build it from scratch. Email us for your estimate questions. We can set up a time to talk on the phone. And feel free to check our references.  Thank you for checking us out!  Most people say that they feel they have a friend in their business with Pam Clark Web Designs. Let’s get that new business launched! Email: Website Design Work Inquiry  
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