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1. Decide on your content, the message you want to get across. What other information do you want people to have besides your address and email? 2. Do you have a color theme in mind? Do you have pictures you know you want to use? If not, we can find some for you. 3. Do you have your chosen logo(s) or do you need one designed? We can design logos. 4. Do you have a format style in mind?  (It's really helpful if you find a website theme style you like for reference.) We have tried to present a few creative ideas on our pages here. 5. Your first page should be a friendly welcome page, explaining what they can find inside your website. That first impression is what speaks.  If you have trouble writing, we can help you there, too, if we have the basic information. 6. How many pages do you want? What features do you want? Do you have a theme in mind for each page link? If you are not an organizer, then just let me know what your content is, and I will help you sort it into pages. 7. It's always best to have an easy-to-remember and easy-to-spell domain name that is not too long so people can type you in easily. (Have several ideas in mind in case it could be taken already. We will check that for you too and offer our suggestions if you want.) You want them to remember how to find you! (More on that here) 8. Will you need to take payments? If so, go ahead and set up a PayPal account now at www.paypal.com   It’s easy, just go to their website and give them your banking information.  It takes about a week to get that active because they have to verify your banking info.  We can help you understand it if you get confused, or do it for you if you want to trust us that way. 9. Do you want to make updates? We are very reasonable, but if you want to make some of your own, consider adding a blog. They are easily learned (how to do a post) and make the current news and updates quick, while having a professional design on the rest of your site. We can help you make a lot of these decisions, but be prepared to discuss these.  Don’t worry if you feel lost, we know how to ask the right questions to get it going.  
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What can we build for you today? Just go to our Inquiry Form page here!   Web designs are constantly changing.  Perhaps you need something tweaked or just want to update your image.  Let us know!  We will be glad to work with you at reasonable pricing.
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It’s quick and easy with any major debit or credit card or e-check through your bank account via PayPal.  Just click the box below. We have used them successfully for many years and you don’t have to join them to use them or pay a fee to make a payment.  We just pay a small fee to receive it this way.  We can also help you with setting  them up for your business, if you should need that.  
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