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Photo Restorations

With our Photoshop training, we are able to often do wonders to old or damaged photographs. Also, if there is a flaw or imperfection on your digital prints, many times we can make it look like it was not there!  We can work with cluttered backgrounds and balance issues and just give a great representation to an “average” picture. Want to do a portrait or a special gift?  Need to isolate or remove or highlight only part of your picture?  Need a digital “frame” put on your photo?  We can work with your photos!

Business Cards and Logos

Do you need a business card or sign designed?  Have a logo idea? We can do it and make it qualified for your printer services with the correct size and resolutions. We can design a business card to theme with your website design or vice versa!  We may think of details that you forgot. Need help designing a logo?  We can help you with the graphics that you need! Have a problem working with a service?   Maybe we can help! 

Social Networking

We can even help get you set up and started on a blog, Facebook, Twitter or Linked In and add Share Links to your web page.

Audio and Video

Do you have an audio message in an .mpg format?  We can set up a nice presentation link for that. Did you make a video?  If we can upload it to YouTube or something similar, we can embed that into your website with your own special presentation.  Videos take a lot of memory space which is why there are special programs that specialize and handle that.  But we can make it personalized in an attractive way and even design around your own web channel if you have set that up.  Ask us to help!  
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